This site gives you the ability to manage a link blue account.

Click on the items below for more information:

Activate a link blue account
In order to activate your link blue account, login with your link blue account and your default password. When you have successfully completed the setup process your account is activated and ready for use. Click here for detailed instructions.
Change the link blue password
When you change your password, you will be required to change it to meet the criteria set by the University. The following documents outline the password policy and offer suggestions on how to a choose a password.
Reset a forgotten link blue password
The Reset A Forgotten Password feature allows you to recover from a forgotten password at any time, without contacting the Customer Service Center for assistance.

However, you must first set up this feature within the Account Manager in order to use it at a later date to recover from a forgotten password. This can be accomplished by signing onto the Account Manager with your link blue ID and Password and selecting the option that says Change Password Self-Reset Questions.

Change the Email Delivery Address
You can choose an email account to receive email addressed to your University Email Address. This can be a UK sponsored account or another account. For example:

All email sent to will be forwarded to
Check email using a web browser
The links below are the web sites for UK Local Exchange, UK Live@edu, and UK Google Apps for Education
UK Local Exchange ("")
UK Live@edu ("")
UK Google Apps ""
Reset a Live@edu or Google Apps Password
From the Account Manager Home page, click "Change" for the appropriate service. A password reset page will be displayed. Enter and confirm the new password.